By Frances MacDougall, CND 

Last Saturday we participated in a life-giving event on PEI, Cycling with Sisters. Thanks to the planning of Sisters Sue, Libby and their committee everything went very well. Since then, I have been reflecting on the imagery contained in the expression “Cycling with Sisters.” Although we may not go down in history as being noted for promoting cycling it does contain rich imagery for today.

Cycling speaks of journey, freedom, playfulness, health, fresh air, low carbon footprint, exercise, traveling light, beauty of nature, etc.

Occasionally we see someone with a “bicycle built for two” traveling tandem. This is another image we could apply to our lives in which God often leads and we follow. Occasionally God invites us to lead and God “pedals”! We meet other cyclists along the way and form a community with those who travel with us. We develop a concern for those who lag behind and admiration for those who are way out ahead.

On Saturday, the monetary donations were for SAFE House – (Safe and Friendly Environment) a drop-in center for young adults recovering from addictive behavior. I like to think our mission as educators, has always been about providing a safe and friendly environment.

Hope this new image will speak to you as well and lead us to deepen our awareness of new stages on the journey.