Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cycling with Sisters?

Cycling with Sisters is a series of bike rides in North America in which Catholic sisters, neighbors, and others share a pilgrimage of bike riding, friendship, and prayer.

For each ride, there are stops along the route where people gather to pray for the needs of the world.  


Where do the bike rides take place?

Four rides are scheduled for 2020, but stay tuned because others may be added later!  Click the links below to read more about each of the rides.


I want to participate but what if I’m not a cyclist?

No problem! There are a number of ways you can participate. You can join the event online via livestreaming video and get updates throughout the day on social media. You can also join the event in person and gather with the riders for prayers along the route. For each ride, a schedule will be posted on the website in advance with the approximate times of the prayer stops.


Can I participate if I’m not a Catholic?

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome to join us on a ride, at a prayer stop, and on social media. Catholic Sisters have a long history of being in mission with people from lots of different backgrounds, and the bike ride is part of that!


What makes Cycling with Sisters different from other bike rides?

When you’re Cycling with Sisters, you’re on a mission of prayer and action about urgent issues in the world today, such as safe water, clean air, food security, affordable housing, and many others. The issues affect everyone, but especially people living in poverty.


How did Cycling with Sisters get started?

The Communicators for Women Religious held a one-day bike ride in 2017 as part of its annual conference. A Nun’s Life assisted with social media outreach during the ride. People loved it! In response, the two organizations reshaped and expanded the basic approach to create Cycling with Sisters 2020.


Who are the main collaborators for Cycling with Sisters?

There are three main collaborators. We’ve included some brief info (below) from their websites. Visit them online to learn more!

A Nun’s Life Ministry (NL) is an online ministry that helps people discover and grow in their vocation, wherever God is calling them. We are Catholic sisters and nuns who engage with a vibrant online community around faith, vocation, and finding joy in everyday life. We interact with people in over 150 countries and all walks of life.

Communicators for Women Religious (CWR) is a professional organization of personnel responsible for communications within Catholic religious congregations of women. CWR provides networking and professional education for its members who communicate and advance the mission and ministries of women religious.

Cycling with Sisters is funded in part by the GHR Foundation, which exists to be of service to people and their limitless potential for good. ​For more than 50 years, the legacy of Opus Group founders Gerald and Henrietta Rauenhorst (GHR) has steered our optimistic and transformational philanthropic approach. Alongside our partners around the world, GHR re-imagines what’s possible when pursuing change across our areas of impact: Education, Global Development, Alzheimer’s Prevention and more.